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A drop of your sweat contains a wealth of knowledge about your body.  The elements released in your sweat go way beyond simple electrolytes.  Our proprietary strips provide unique insight into how your body processes macronutrients like fat, sugar and muscle.  This information can then be applied to creating custom nutrition and workouts that are as unique as you are. 855-MY-SWEAT

Custom Nutrition  Tailored To Your Body

Our simple-to use fuelstrips need just a drop of sweat to analyze your unique metabolic profile.  The strip quickly changes colors and provides important information on how your body processes food.


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Test Your Sweat & Crack The Code To Your Metabolism. 

Our team of physicians have develped a complete line of nutritional supplements, meal plans, and exercises that use your body's unique Fuelstrip result to create a custom plan that is as unique as you are.




Fuelstrip Applications

Use our Fuelstrip's to precisely gauge your fueling needs.  Imagine the difference in performance when you give your body exactly what it needs.

To build muscle you need the precise proportion of protein and carbs in your recovery drink.  Find out how Fuelstrip can get you there.

No one diet is perfect for everyone.  Our Fuelstrip testing lets you know which diet works best for your body.  Our supplements make sure you reach your goals quickly and easily.

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed. Results will vary based on each patient’s physical health, family history, diet and exercise, physical condition and adherence to the FuelSlim program. The weight loss results described herein may or may not be typical.

Custom Nutrition That Is Unique For Your Body Type